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Planning & Build aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architectures and construction companies. We are a full service construction company that offers design and build services for your entire project from initial sketches to the final construction as you imagined. Our design and build services cover the whole of London and the South East. We also oversee and can Project Manage the work of any of our subcontractors. We have specialist contractors that can integrate seamlessly into a project lifecycle. You can also be sure that we will use the best team for the job covering your area.

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Looking for a quality and affordable constructor for your next project?

We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.

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We have a track record for customer satisfaction in the entire process from design through to build. Equally as important for us however, is that we strive to produce exceptional quality work at competitive prices. Get in touch today to discuss your project.