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kitchen extension colours

Kitchen Extension Colours

Do you know your kitchen extension colours scheme?

Getting it right for you with your perfect kitchen extension colours scheme at the same time as achieving that wow factor, kitchen extensionsmight be a lot simpler than what you think. A kitchen extension will open up the space in this area of the house and white colour schemes definitely enhance this.

However, if you really want to achieve something that stands out, the trick would be in how you choose to complement or contrast that white…

A touch of colour to complement or  contrast that white will also give an opportunity for you to add your own style an individuality to your dream project.

You should consider in your colour choices the colour of any furniture. Perhaps your kitchen extension includes a dinning area as well? Ask yourself things like: What colours will the table be? The chairs? White paint works with most, but do my other colours work well with the furniture? Am I using any tiles in the kitchen? What look and feel do I want with the different texture and will my colours work with that? How does this go with my flooring?

Often it is the most subtle dashes of colour and texture that really make an area stand out. We have seen many bold choices for using colours throughout a kitchen extension project and this has really worked.

Yet, one thing that almost all our projects have in common in terms of the colour choices clients have made, is the contrasting of lighter and darker shades in the kitchen.

Kitchens should be clean, clear and defined; perhaps this functional aspect of a kitchen might help in our ideas of kitchen extension colours?

Whatever you decide, make sure that when you put it all together, it’s perfect for you.




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