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4 Metre Rear Kitchen Extension in SE London

London kitchen extensions are becoming increasingly popular and this 4 metre kitchen extension that we recently completed in South East London is a great example of smart budgeting by the clients. This type of project is accessible to all homeowners because the price is affordable.

The clients kept a sensible hold of their finances from the very start and managed to maintain this through out. However, a stylish finish and a wow factor has been created by spending in certain areas (kitchen; bifold doors, remote control Velux – provided as standard with Planning & Build).

This property originally had an unusually small kitchen for it’s size (client referred to their original kitchen as ‘pokey’), separated from the dinning room. That separating wall was removed and with the addition of the extension, the whole area has been opened up to another fantastic new living space. The living room is separate next door, and we hear that the family and guests are really enjoying this new additional space. There was even enough room for the addition of a downstairs cloakroom WC, perfect for visitors.

These works were carried out with the family living in the property continuously throughout the period. This is not unusual and indeed most builds are often like this; we are well experienced in keeping disruptions to a minimum and residents more than comfortable. We ensure ensure that utilities in the house are unaffected.

Kitchen extensions of this quality are available for all properties through all London areas with Planning & Build’s price match promise. Which ever contractor you decide to employ for your London kitchen extensions project be sure to get yourself a deal; ask for things like the following to be included in extension building quotes:

  • Remote control Velux or roof lantern
  • Bifold doors
  • 10 year structural warranty from a 3rd party insurer

Planning & Build group offer the above as standard and we occasionally have promotional months which might include savings on kitchens, many appliances and even things like water softeners.

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